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Sustainable development charter

Our commitment for sustainable tourism.
Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. (Brundtland report, 1987)

Environmental dimension

At le Mas

• Selective sorting paper,plasticand glass
• Food waste goes to our chicken
• Gradual change to low energy light bulbs
• Appliance with low energy class A consumption
• Use nature- friendly household products

Around the Mas

• Use of alternative transports as local bus, train or bicycle
• Preference for local products
• Knowledge and use of local wild plants and herbs
• Preservation of Wildlife
• Participation in the maintenance of footpaths

 Social aspects

• Adapting structures to physical disabilities: raised bed, shower seat and handles.
• Participation in a restoration program of the historic heritage and revitalization the city through local civic associations: “Vivre à Pont”, Renaissance du vieux Pont Saint Esprit
• Participation à un réseau de professionnels du tourisme afin de dynamiser le territoire

Economic aspects

• Active participation in development of the area through various actions.
• Improvement and adaptation of Mas des Iles based on trends and demand.

Sustainable tourism: a fad?

Sustainability is everyone’s concern.
It is true that this phenomena is sometimes used for purely mercantile reasons. As a result, many are rightly suspicious of this trend. However, beyond the wave of current fashion, sustainable development is a commitment we have made to our customers. In addition, this is an ideal we believe in and are working to achieve.

The spirit of sustainable development is: « think global, act local ». (René Dubos)